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Delnor Hospital Substation – Healthcare Industry

Critical Asset Management 

Providing power to a major hospital is extremely important.  In order to maintain reliable power, substations need to have regular maintenance and an understanding of what equipment is present at a moment’s notice.  Gimba 10.0 was implemented to be able to see information on all critical assets, the ability to see available spares and all supporting documentation.  Whatever comes, the field technicians that support that power can easily make informed decisions.

High Voltage Substations – Municipal Project

Automated Inspection Protocol

In order to comply with State regulatory requirements, a municipality will conduct specific inspections that range from fire extinguisher validity to the general condition of drip traps in a wastewater facility.   Gimba 10.0 was able to assist and custom build a module that goes through the inspection process with simple clicks on the technician’s phone or tablet.  Those inspections can then be viewed historically and problem areas can be addressed in an organized fashion.  Additionally, inspection records can easily be compiled and submitted to insurance providers and regulatory agencies, saving incredible amounts of time.

Peaking Plant Asset Management – Utility Project

Automated Switchgear Maintenance Scheduling and Data GEV

Gimba 10.0 was requested to be introduced into an Illinois municipality that serves approximately 25,000 citizens.  However, the RFQ produced by the superintendent smartly requested to have the software vendor be on the premises to gather, enter and validate all the data within the software; from breaker nameplates to relay settings.  To their surprise, Gimba 10.0 was the only technology company that has NETA field experience and conducts data gathering for entities, creating a customized solution (not configured; custom) at significantly less cost than the closest bidder that did not offer data GEV or custom creation.    Additionally, the license maintenance fee was less than half of the closest bidder.

House of Worship

Churchmouse Module Integration

Building maintenance and regulation adherence is no simple task.  Even less simple is the task of finding a technology provider that can give a custom solution that costs less than an Off-The-Shelf solution.  Gimba 10.0’s Churchmouse™ integration gave St. Mark’s Lutheran Church the ability to manage all critical assets; from HVAC to pumps to fire extinguishers, in a manner that makes audits and budgeting simple.

St. Joseph Energy Center – Utility Project

Private Power Plant CMMS Integration

One of the largest power plants in Indiana, SJEC of New Carlisle, presented Gimba 10.0 a challege that was accepted and met.  With NERC compliance a costly and time-absorbing endeavor, they were looking for a CMMS solution that could be made custom for their activities, but also be CIS-compliant.  Gimba 10.0 not only provided a solution made custom to manage all assets within their campus, but did it at approximately 20% of the closest competitor’s cost.  Now NERC compliance is simplified with a simple .zip file download and maintenance scheduled can be ascertained years in advance.

Caterpillar Engines – Manufacturer Project Application

Automated Periodic Maintenance and CMMS Integration

An interesting problem arose when a Gimba 10.0 was made aware of Caterpillar’s field technicians assigned to periodic engine maintenance at a peaker plant.  The technician was required, by Caterpillar and the State EPA, to conduct maintenance and submit reports, but the maintenance manual and record keeping were not integrated.  With the assistance of Caterpillar protocol and documentation, Gimba 10.0 created an automated maintenance process whereby the technician could easily click and follow the protocol, conduct the maintenance and submit the report, all from a phone or tablet.  Issues that arose could easily be marked and dealt with, saving incredible amounts of time.

Municipal Vendor Management – Municipal Project

Critical Asset Management Vendor and CMMS Integration

Knowing who to contact is vital when time is of the essence.  Not only does Gimba house the user manuals for each individual device, but for Geneva, Illinois, it was important to know the vendor that supplied the item.  This allowed them to easily contact the vendor with issues when they arise.

Custom Mapping of Substations

Municipal GIS/Mapping Project

Field workers don’t have time to sit at a desk; they need to be able to simply click on their phone and access user manuals, device information and location mapping simply.  Gimba was able to create custom municipal mapping for a city using their own maps for less than 20% of the next closest bidder.  Additionally, administrators can use Gimba to more easily see areas.