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Gimba CMMS software for Inventory, Inspection, & Preventative Maintenance was created by plant managers and customized to your specific needs. Our CMMS or computerized maintenance management system software helps manage assets, schedule maintenance and track work orders.

Try a demo of our simple and intuitive CMMS maintenance software to know what assets you have and when their next periodic maintenance is coming up.


Fill out the quick and easy form below to be given access to the Gimba CMMS software demo.

    We’re not your typical IT consulting company. We learn what you do and automate it into CMMS software to make your process easier to conduct and review.

    We take your paper documentation, your spreadsheets and your file cabinet and put it all into an intuitive CMMS software application that is user-friendly for all types.

    The Gimba team creates turnkey critical asset management and process control automation.

    Gimba CMMS software’s purpose differs from an ERP system. It was built to facilitate plant and maintenance managers with their direct requests in mind. Gimba integration is even easier with a good ERP system that can run alongside it (this means cost-saving). No other system exists that combines the custom viewing of Gimba with a focus on electrical compliance and maintenance.

    Gimba is a “Made in the USA” company. All of our programming, services, customer care and maintenance are all domestically-based. Every six months, we review the system, check its integrity and usage, quickly adhering to any questions you may have. Although Gimba usage is made to be simple, we also include user training.