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GIMBA 10.0

Inventory, Inspection, & Preventative Maintenance system created by plant managers and customized to your specific needs.

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What do we do?

We’re not your typical IT consulting company. We learn what you do and automate it into software to make your process easier to conduct and review.

We take your paper documentation, your spreadsheets and your file cabinet and put it all into an intuitive software application that is user-friendly for all types.  

The Gimba team creates turnkey critical asset management and process control automation.

Custom Inspections

Give us your spreadsheets, your post-it notes, your crumpled masses of paper. Your inspections are yearning to breathe free, digital, and automated.


There always seems to be a gap between software technology and maintenance, often not seeing eye-to-eye. Gimba bridges that gap with understanding on both sides, building your custom system and loading all the data in it for you so you can use its abilities from the first day. Whether that’s uploading existing documentation or taking pictures of nameplates in the field, we do it for you ’cause its what you want and what others don’t do.

Gimba FAQ

Gimba's purpose differs from an ERP system. It was built to facilitate plant and maintenance managers with their direct requests in mind. Gimba integration is even easier with a good ERP system that can run alongside it (this means cost-saving). No other system exists that combines the custom viewing of Gimba with a focus on electrical compliance and maintenance.
Yes. Gimba's powerful engine can pull data from any of the major ERP systems and interact.
We do. Whether it's existing documentation or we're in the field collecting data, we do it for you.
Gimba can easily and quickly download or view all pertinent device information as well as supporting PM documentation and allow you to make informed decisions.
Everyone's Gimba is different; whether it's requiring internal PM protocol to pop-up on a tablet or creating a spare device search. However, Gimba integration is extremely affordable and often less than 10% of major ERP integrations. Did we mention we do the data collection and data entry?
Gimba is a "Made in the USA" company. All of our programming, services, customer care and maintenance are all domestically-based. Every six months, we review the system, check its integrity and usage, quickly adhering to any questions you may have. Although Gimba usage is made to be simple, we also include user training.

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